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JANTAMINIAU Couture explores the nature of the woman and figures her as a blank canvas. Building silhouettes, volumes and shapes that extend beyond the limits of creativity, Jan paints freely around women’s silhouette.  
At JANTAMINIAU, the art of Couture is brought to life by craftmanship with meticulous experimentation and care for the smallest detail to achieve the dream. Handcrafted stories are brought to life for any moment of celebration, whether it's a wedding or gala dinner, a premiere or red carpet event.
"Every pattern, every colour and detail in the design has a story behind."

Jan Taminiau


Beauty in each Couture creation is reflected through exquisite finishings and carefully handcrafted details.
Embroidery represents the most important part of Jan's creative process. Handwork has the same beauty for him as nature does - as it is different each time. Like every leave, flower and petal and even snowflake is unique.
Jan's genuine sense of craftsmanship is reflected in different shapes, motifs and designs. This makes the atelier like a Laboratorium: a space in which Jan's creativity finds full freedom. It gives true sense to each gown, with every hem and stitch.


Jan's Couture creations are meticulously crafted embracing the brand's unique heritage and codes that celebrate femininity and are inspired by the beauty of nature.

The magical journey starts with a creative consultation to understand your preferences and desires and get inspired together. With that, Jan creates a sketch that reflects you. Followed with a toile as the first draft, cut from cotton, to see and visualize the shape and the first parts of the artwork. This enables the creation of gown that moves with you, in the most elegant and dynamic way possible.

The creation of couture takes 3 - 6 months, with 4 to 6 fitting moments.



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