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Let's celebrate joy: the JANTAMINIAU Gift Guide is here

Let's celebrate joy: the JANTAMINIAU Gift Guide is here

A thoughtful approach to gifting

The month of december is a time to celebrate love and joy together. It's about making memories, sharing happiness and surprising loved ones with a thoughtful gift. 
For this year Jan curated a selection of unique gifts that come in limited editions. Each item is crafted with love made of beautiful raw materials, and carries its own story. From the handcrafted silk mini handbag to colorful beaded earrings; the items are made to be worn, to be lived, and to be cherished forever. 
The WARLI Beads earrings 
One of the items you'll discover in our gift guide is the set of Warli earrings in different colors. These earrings are inspired by the Warli-art, a form of tribal art from the eponymous south Indian tribe. 

The Warli Woman is dancing, much like the various forms of dancing woman Warli mural art. But in this case she is dancing on your shoulder with each step you take.
The MOHAIR Shawl 
The knitted mohair shawl comes in limited release of maximum 20 editions per color. Whether you choose deep blue grey or hot pink, each color has various designs and comes in its own creation. The degrade creation has a half monochrome motif, flowing over from the deep colorful end into the offwhite end, inspired by looking at the blurrynes of the early, misty horizon.
Mohair shawls are distinguished by their lightness and warmth. It has the special characteristic of being thermo regulating, adjusting to the temperature of the person who's wearing it and maintaining that natural bodywarmth. The mohair wool is made in the well known Spanish region of Ezcaray.
Discover the curated collection of special gifts here. Any questions? Our team is here for you. 

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