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Haute Couture Love

We are now celebrating 20 years of authentic craftmanship and passion infused into every detail of each JANTAMINIAU Bridal gown.

At JANTAMINIAU, Haute Couture is governed by art, knowledge, creativity and perfection in each detail. Every unique piece is adapted to the bride´s personality and love story, making a magical process of creation. Every step is guided by Jan and our sewing experts at our atelier based in Madrid, Spain. Jan's Couture creations are meticulously crafted embracing the brand's unique heritage and codes that celebrate femininity and are inspired by the natural world.

Craft & Passion

Our creation process reflects a true romance, giving every woman the confidence, strength and radiance she deserves. Making every gown timelessly romantic. One of the first steps when Jan creates a bridal dress is to make the exclusive swatch with the embroidery of the gown. It represents the dress in a handmade, unique piece which will be stored permanently in his swatch collection. For the bride it is the first encounter with the actual dress and it is the moment when Jan's ideas become reality.

The JANTAMINIAU Couture atelier is located in Madrid, Spain. The atelier is not a manufacturing space, but rather, a creative workshop where innovation, creativity and craftsmanship meet.The results are personalised gowns that charm with their elegant shapes, carefully chosen fabrics and delicated embroidery.

“ It is all about creating a unique piece around you, around your personality... When all comes together magic happens, and that moment is incredible.”

JANTAMINIAU also offers our bridal dess line. Contact us to view our dresses or discuss customization options. We are excited to be part of your love journey!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for inquiries about bridal and couture requests, custom-made appointments, or any other questions you may have. Our team is at your service and more than happy to provide assistance.


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