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The creation of a JANTAMINIAU Bridal gown is a true romance written on every step of the process. All details stand for craft and passion in every stitch, seam and embroidery. These authentic pieces give the confidence, strength and radiance every woman deserves. The gown reflects the bride's dreams, aspirations and personality. It's about living romantically and cherishing all these beautiful memories.


The JANTAMINIAU brides are handcrafted jewels, all stories of passion and love. 


"It is all about creating a unique piece around you, around your personality... When all comes together magic happens, and that moment is incredible. "

Jan Taminiau



The JANTAMINIAU bride is a timelessly romantic. Jan's Couture Bridal designs blends traditional with a modern interpretation of femininity. Each design is developed with the woman as the starting point, focusing on natural elegance and personal design details. Sculptural, clean lines and silhouettes are juxtaposed with soft textures and romantic sheerness.

From top to bottom, all gowns stand for craft and love in every stitch and detail. That is the true magic of the JANTAMINIAU Bridal universe that gives every woman the radiance she deserves in her most special day.


Jan's Couture creations are meticulously crafted embracing the brand’s unique heritage and codes that celebrate femininity and are inspired by the natural world. Contact us and start this marvelous journey. 


One of the first steps when Jan creates a bridal dress is to make the exclusive swatch with the embroidery of the gown. It represents the dress in a handmade, unique piece which will be stored permanently in his swatch collection. For the bride it is the first encounter with the actual dress and it is the moment when Jan's ideas become reality.

Each personalized drawing and shape tells a personal story, as they are inspired by life and unforgettable moments that are part of the bride's personality and love story.

Bridal couture
Bridal couture


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